In the latest episode of Molkki, we have watched that Sudha, Purvi, and the kids took help from the police. They all bend over backward in order to find Purvi but still get nothing while Prakashi and Anjali are stringing along with Police. Finally, the Police found Purvi, but one of the goons use Purvi as a shield and point the gun at her. He is about to escape but just then Virender comes at the same time and thrashed all the goons. The kids and Purvi get ecstatic seeing Virender. Both the kids shout Baba.

Today's Molkki Latest Written Update 15th April 2021: Virender And Purvi Narrow Escape DeathVirender comes home along with Purvi and the kids, while Anjali is praising the cleverness of Prakashi. Just then Virender comes and reprimands Anjali badly as she mistreated all Manas and Juhi and made them suffer. He orders him to captivate her in a dark cell and himself go to the fair along with Purvi and the kids. But Anjali goes to the fair with the help of Anjali, first, she tried to kill the kids but when it went in vain she fails the break Virender’s car.

Virender won the wrestling competition and Purvi appreciates him. She says that at first, she thought you are going to lose this match. But she astonished seeing your commendable skills. Meanwhile, the driver tries to stop the car but noticed that it isn’t working he informs Virender that the breaks aren’t working. Virender asks Purvi to take care of the kids and handle the steering. Sudha and Priyu bring Sakhsi to the mansion according to Purvi’s plan.

She takes Sakshi into the storeroom and asks her to not afraid as Purvi will be here anytime. Virender there courageously handles the situation and no one gets hurt either. Anjali there is thinking that Virender and Molkki must have finished by now and we have to prepare for their farewell. But at the same time, Manas enters and Jyoti and Anjali shocks overhear his voice.

Anjali asked Jyoti to locked the cell again and she is about to do so but Purvi holds her hand in between. Purvi takes Anjali, she gets scared and says that she didn’t do anything. Purvi says that we narrowly escaped from the death midway to the home. So we decide to free you as life is uncertain. She takes Anjali outside and cleverly puts Sakshi inside the cell. Catch the complete episode of the show on Colors at 10 PM from Monday to Friday and stay in the loop with Social Telecast for further Molkki Written Update.

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