The latest episode of Anupama starts Baa is talking with Anupama on a video call and Anupama asks have Rakhi and she buries the hatchet and become friends now. Baa replies that now she stops calling her Naagin but still they aren’t friends now. Rakhi and Kinjal return home while Baa asks if you are bitching about her. She then asks about Kinjal’s pregnancy test. Kinjal says that we will get the report by tomorrow. Baa says that it will surely good news and she is becoming impatient to inform Vanraj as he is going to become a grandfather soon.

Watch Anupamaa Today's 10th April 2021 Written Episode: Kinjal Gets Pregnant Rakhi and Anupama both say that whatever is going to happen it will in our favor for sure. Kavya there is talking to the priest and inquiry about Vanraj and her marriage. But the priest denies that your stars are not in the favour of your marriage. Kavya gets tensed and asks if there is some solution to this. The priest asks that Vanraj is bemused and will drop her idea of marriage with her soon. The priest further says that you will face lots of hurdles in this marriage. Samar there is worrying as he is feeling stage fear, meantime, Nandini comes to him and gives her phone on which Vanraj is on a video call.

He requests to talk to Samar. Vanraj and Samar have an emotional conversation. Samar says that this divorce will change her mother’s whole life. Samar says that you give the biggest punishment to my mother by cheating on her. Vanraj says that the biggest punishment for a man is when his son won’t talk to him. Vanraj makes Samar understand the sensitive relation of father and son and encourages him. Kavya there is get angry recalling the priest’s words that Vanraj is bemused for her and eventually cancel to marry her.

Baa is getting overexcited about Kinjal’s pregnancy and asks her to follow the basic things in such a condition. Meanwhile, Toshu calls back Kinjal and before she speaks something. Toshu tells her that one of his friends got married recently and they are expecting a baby. He further says that how can someone do that even without complete preparation as it some of the biggest responsibility. Kinjal gets even more stressed listening to Toshu’s words. Catch the complete episode on Star Plus at 10 PM and stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information on Anupamaa’s written episode update.

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