The latest episode of Anupamaa starts and Pakhi is feeling bad that she lied to her family just for a worthless party and friends. She is recalling her grandfather’s words to better inform your family before going out. Just the Kavya enters again in the room through the balcony thinking of Anupama climbed at the time of Holi. She entered and dropped the vase mistakenly. Baa overhears the sound of the vase thrashing but thinks that it may have a cat inside the room. At the same time, Pakhi informs Baa that Anupama and Vanraj are all on their way home. Kavya is searching for Vanraj’s divorce letter.

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Watch Anupamaa Today's Episode 15th April 2021 Written Update: Vanraj Warns KavyaVanraj along with Anupama returning home but halt at a grocery shop. Kavya sees them and whistles and says that it seems like you both have had a great picnic. Baa comes out along with family and taunts Kavya, she says that she isn’t aware of Society has hired a white cat as a new watchman. Kavya replies that it seems that one of the most adorable couples returning from a picnic even when they are about to divorce within a few days.

Baa replies to Kavya that they can go where ever they want who is she to interfere in between. Kavya says that it is good to spend time together especially when only two days remain for your divorce. The complete family stunned listening to this and Kavya shows the divorce letter to all of them. Kavya further says that you still have some hours left to spent together and leaves holding a divorce letter. The family gets into home and Vanraj goes after them. Anupama stands still recalling Anupama’s words.

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Vanraj then goes to Anupama holds her hand and says that they still have some time left and enters the house with her. Pakhi disappointingly says that you both didn’t inform any of us about your divorce. Bapuji suggests creating some good memories before it comes. Anupama says that she will prepare the team and then sweets for everyone.

Later, Samar returns home along with a trophy and Anupama gets elated seeing his trophy. Samar gives credit for his victory to his mother. Anupama also appreciates Samar that he is the best son. Anupama recalls all of her moments she has spent in this kitchen. Later, Vanraj warns Kavya to stay away from him and his family for two days. The episode ends, stay in the loop for further Anupama written episode updates.

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