The recent episode of Story 9 Months Ki starts with where you will watch that Sarangdhar is worried due to Alia’s missing and meanwhile Elaichi tries to console him. By saying that there is no need to think more about her, he says that she is pregnant and at any moment she may need him. One lady says to Alia that make cow dung properly because by mistakenly she ruins that, she tries to give her money but the lady does not agree with her at all. Then Sarangdhar comes there and says do not worry he will teach her to make it properly.

Watch Story 9 Months Ki Today's Episode April 23rd 2021: Sarangdhar Worries About Alia

Then Bua Ji rebukes Brij Mohan and accuses him by saying that he is responsible for whatever is happening in their house. She says to Kamleshwar to call Lalla and she makes a call to him but he does not get a ring due to a lack of signals. Then Srangdhar and Alia come to their home and get wet and everyone gets astonished after seeing them. Brij Mohan interrogates them by saying that why they left Elaichi and where they went, then spontaneously Elaichi comes there crying.

After that, Alia mentions that it’s her fault because she stuck somewhere and therefore she called him to help her. So she apologizes to them along with Sarangdhar meanwhile he says that there is no need to apologize to them because it’s not her fault. They both sneeze and Kamleshwar says that how they got it and she says to k for boiled water Kusum. Then she brings ginger water for her so that she can take a breath and get rid of the cough.

Then Bua Ji tells Brij Mohan that she notices Sarangdhar that gradually he has fallen in love with her, even she also has feelings for him. But Brij Mohan says that she has a purpose under which she brought him here, but Bua Ji refuses to accept this and says that he does not anything. So there is no need to think about whatever he is saying to them but Brij Mohan says that Alia is their boss and they know each and everything of her, hence he is saying this.

In late-night, Alia wakes up and sits on the bed and starts talking to her child and says that due to their activities, she is unable to sleep. She thinks that still, she did not take anyone’s help but now why she needs his help, she takes a torch and starts coming downstairs because the lights are off. So do not forget to watch it on Sony at 10:30 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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