The exclusive episode of Bawra Dil starts and Mangala is asking Bunty to collect all the trash of the house. She pays him and Bunty nods yes. Bunty comes to the kitchen and starts doing his job At the same time Vijaya comes there and asks Bunty what is doing there. Bunty says that he collecting garbage as Mangala asks him to do so and leaves from there. Bunty collects the Trash and goes to Mangala. Mangala notices that Malini and Ishawar are sitting in the garden. She asks Bunty to throw garbage on them. Bunty gets shocked at first but later get agrees when Mangala offers her money.

Bawara Dil

Yashwant comes to Mangala and tells her that he is going to Ishwar and Malini to have some words to them. But Mangala tells him to let them stay the same. Yashwant says suppose yourself at their place, they haven’t even eaten anything since last night. He says that even animals don’t behave like you. He says that he is going to talk to them and takes leaves from there.

Shiva furiously comes after fining his workout and start punching on the punching bag recalling the past events. At the same time, Yashwant goes to Ishwar and Malini and pleads them to come outside or you want me to sit here along with you. Just the Narpat comes and asks what is going on with a reputed man like Ishwar. Yashwant says that he is with them. Narpat says that he tip-off this to the media and by tomorrow it will start fetching headlines and we will get justice. Ishwar and Yashwant say that it is a family matter and it supposes to resolve in the house itself. Mangala arguing with Yashwant, In the meantime, Bunty mistakenly throws garbage on Mangala and Yashwant laugh out loud.

Just then Shiva received a call from Sidhi she says that she has been quarantined because of the virus. Shiva then goes to Sidhi’s home and tells them that you keep asking me about your daughter. He hands them the phone and asks them to talk to their daughter. Malini, Ishwar, and Sidhi all get emotional seeing each other after long. Sidhi tells them that I found myself affected by the virus so got isolated and didn’t inform you because I lost my mobile. Sidhi’s parents take a sigh of relief. They apologised to Shiva. Get the complete episode on Colors at 10:30 and Bawra Dil Written Update here at Social Telecast.

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