Watch Today’s Molkki 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi Gets Kidnapped Again


In the latest episode of Molkki, we will watch that Prakashi gets tensed as she marked that police are approaching them. But, in the meantime, Prakashi signs Anjali to hide from the police. Anjali told Prakashi that the Police must come to know that we leave the mansion without informing them but Prakahsi doesn’t agree with her. She says that must have got some information related to Molkki. She further says that we have to escape from here anyhow otherwise they have to wash their hands with everything. Along with that we also face cruel punishment from Virender. Priyu there appreciates the Police for their assistance.

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Watch Today's Molkki 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi Gets Kidnapped Again Priyu says that they are unable to find Purvi, she says perhaps the goons have taken Purvi to somewhere else. But the inspector informs Priyu that traced the phone the detect the location of Sakshi Mills. Just a quarrel has been developed between all the goons and they are blaming each other as Purvi slips out of their hands. While Manas and Juhi trapped all the goons. One of the good noticed Purvi feet but Manas and Juhi saved her. While all this mess is going on Prakashi and Anjali leave from there.


All the Goons are pleaded from Juhi and Manas to spare them. But just then Goons take out the gun and point at the kids. Priyu and Sudha come there and requests to spare the kids, but the goons didn’t listen to them. Just then Sudha throws a box at the goons and he drops the gun. The police come and catch the goons. But the rest of the goons are escaping from there, Prakashi orders them to take Purvi away from here.

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Sudha and Priyu go to see Purvi but they don’t find her there, they inform the same to the inspector. The Police investigate the goons but they pretend that they don’t know anything. At the same time, Anjali and Prakshi are silently leaving the place. But the inspector calls them, Prakashi again manages to fool them. But Sudha doubts Prakashi and thinks that there is something fishy in here. Sudha is telling Priyu that Purvi’s kidnapping is surely planned by Prakashi and Anjali. Whereas Anjali and Prakashi are badly punishing both the kids. The episode ends, stay in the loop with Social Telecast for Molkki Written Updates.

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