Recently, a song has been making headlines due to its emotional video and an equally emotional track. Yes, we are talking about the popular Punjabi singer, B Praak’s newly released song named “Baarish Ki Jaaye”. The song is winning the hearts of millions as the audience has showered heaps of praises down the comment section along with a heavy amount of views. The music video which is dropped by the makers is creating a buzz as it is based on a true love story. Let us know about Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi on whom the entire story of the song is based.

Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya Devi

Being released on 27th March this year, the song features an extremely talented actor, Nawajuddin Siddiqui while the female-lead cast opposite the actor is another Punjabi singer named Sunanda Sharma. The duo has impressed millions of people by their emotional performance in the video. Now, at the end of the song’s music video, it is shown that the featured actors are portraying the characters of Kaushalya Devi and Bharat Thakur.

Yes, they are the real characters who fell in love with each other and set a high standard of love. Inspired by a true story, Baarish Ki Jaaye tells the story of two lovers named Kaushaaya and Bharat. This is the story of Old Delhi where Kaushalya used to live with her grandmother. Her parents has died years ago and she lived only with her Dadi.

Kaushalya’s mental state was not good so her Dadi used to worry about her a lot as to who will take care of her after her demise. Since Kaushalya had no relatives in the family, Dadi’s tension kept increasing. Meanwhile, in Kaushalya and Dadi’s story enters a young man named Bharat Thakur. Bharat accidentally meets Kaushlaya and immediately falls in love with her while the latter also feels for him. Later, they got married to each other and established an example of how love sees no differences if the hearts meet.

Not only Kushalya lived a happy life by getting the proper position of a wife, but Bharat also took care of Kaushalya’s old grandmother as well. After some time, the couple got blessed with two sons. “Baarish Ki Jaaye” portrays the same story with slight modifications in it. Since it is the first-ever music video of Nawajuddin Siddiqui, it’s getting a lot of appreciation from his fans. Check out the song on YouTube if you haven’t yet.

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