The most anticipated show Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has begun and day-by-day becoming controversial through the actions or reactions of the housemates. Hence it has a special space in viewers’ hearts through which everyone likes to watch it at the correct time, and uncounted fans of it so want to miss even the single episode of the show. Because everyone knows that such a true entertainment only this show can bestow, and always the show is a subject of discussion among the fans. So check the details below along with the voting list.

Today's Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 (BBKS8) Weekend Episode April 17th 2021: Who Becomes The New Captain?In the upcoming episode of it, you will watch that all housemates are sitting in the garden area on the order of Bigg Boss. They have to take a unanimous decision and tell the eligible contestants name for the Captaincy, therefore Bigg Boss gives them time to discuss. Because in the house a lot of fabulous players has shown themself best in the task, so now it’s interesting to watch that who-all will be the part of the captaincy race, because house needs of captain so that house gets organized.

All housemates go to talk regarding Captaincy’s names to Prashanth Sambagi and reveals the name, whose they want to send in the captaincy race. Because as Bigg Boss mentioned that they have to take a unanimous decision and tell him simultaneously to the Bigg Boss. So that he can continue this forward, as we know that they all have different perspectives and thinking levels. So it’s really hard for them to take a unanimous decision regarding this. You can watch this conversation glimpse in the recently released promo of the show, Which Makers have released officially so that you can get the idea.


  • Shubha- 452 votes (1.4%)
  • Vaishnavi- 999 votes (2.3%)
  • Rajeev- 1885 votes (4.39%)
  • Vishwanath- 1549 votes (3.56%)
  • Manju- 4859 votes (11.17%)
  • Aravind- 8437 votes (19.42%)
  • Divya Uruduga- 4644 votes (10.69%)
  • Divya Suresh- 2803 votes (6.45%)
  • Prashanth- 1017 votes (2.34%)
  • Nidhi- 3961 votes (9.12%)
  • Raghu-627 votes (1.44%)

The captaincy is the most important thing in the house and everyone wants to be the captain of the house. Because they know very well that Captain will get some privileges from the Bigg Boss as well. Captain gets immunity and many rights under which he can take a few decision for the house, and gets a chance to save one more contestant from the next eviction with ourself. So therefore captaincy matters a lot for them and no one wants to miss the chance to become the new captain of the house.

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