Mumbai Saga is an action crime drama that is creating havoc just after its trailer has been released. After a much wait now this action crime flick is heading to its digital release on Amazon Prime. The audience is quite excited about its digital release due to restrictions in the theatres. So, grab the movie on Amazon Prime on 27th April 2021 as it scheduled for its OTT release. The movie has been scheduled for its theatrical release on 19 March 2021. The movie is considered the first Bollywood movie releasing at the box office along with 100% occupancy. However, various rumours about the movie are spreading a couple of years back. But now, it is all set to entertain the audience on the big screen. It has been set in the 80s & 90s in Mumbai and the story of the movie is inspired by true events. Ever since the trailer of the movie has released its rising questions on including John Abraham’s lead character Amartya Rao.

Gangster Amartya Rao

As we all know that Amartya Rao is one of the dreaded gangsters of all time and John Abraham is nailing his performance as the stylish and courageous gangster who ruled the entire state. His immense power and sharp mind make him dominating of his rivalries. So, enjoy the complete and witness the powerful performance of John Abraham as Amartya Rao. You are getting a chance to experience the breathtaking life incidents of Rao.

Amartya Real Story Images

Well, as we all know that Mumbai underworld has a huge and much-complicated past. It was Mumbai’s underworld which even changed the capital of the state. So, after many gangsters including Maya Dolas and Manya Surve now Amartya Rao is coming to entice you with his bloodshed history. John Abraham again nailing his look as Amartya Rao as he previous nailed as Manya Surve. He is again going to the ablaze screen with his presence.

The upcoming crime drama Mumbai Saga is depicting the story of one of the most dreaded gangsters of his time Amartya Rao. The gangster was also known as DK Rao had a number of files with numerous files. Amartya Rao was born in Mumbai Chawls. He born in Mumbai Slum and led his life in Matunga. Amartya Rao becomes one of the most popular Don of Mumbai. Initially associated with Chota Rajan Gang. DK Rao started getting hype and his fear hastily spreading among the people after killing some of the most reputed business tycoons. He replaced the Chota Rajan and become the right hand of the Don.

Alongside murders, Amartya Rao also indulged in robberies, extortion, kidnapping and several other crimes. Later when Amartya Rao gets out of the hands even of Don. As and when Amartya Rao goes uncontrolled Mumbai Police arranged his encounter. But even after he got shot by 8 bullets Amyrta Rao pretend that he dies but survived. He then tries to enter Politics but after got to know that he is on the target of Don he left this idea. Currently, Amartya Rao is in jail. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Amartya Rao in Mumbai Saga.

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