You all must be in the swim that a couple of days ago, in Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur a Naxalite attack took place in which we lost our 22 soldiers “Jawaan” and the name that is coming in front and on everyone’s tongue is Madvi Hidma, as everyone keen to know who is Hidma and how only his name is popping up for the attack and he is the one who saw everything that happened at the spot. Now everyone wants him to hit the bricks and the worst punishment for the enemy of the country.

Madvi HIdma

Indeed, Madvi Hidma also called as Hidmalu is a Maoist chief and commandant of ‘battalion 1’ in Bastar, Hidma has arisen as the leader to head the military tasks of the prohibited outfit CPI (Maoist) in the nation, brought into the world in Purvati town of south Sukma, and has a place with a neighborhood clan in Bijapur. He is accepted to have joined the Naxals in mid-2001. After completing his 10th standard he joined the party of Maoists and became the master strategist of all the military operations.

He is also known for some of his operations in which he was against the security forces. Since 2004 he is involved in all the Naxalites attacks in the country. According to the trusted sources in the list of Hidma’s operations includes the 2013 Jhiram Ghati slaughter of represented Congress leader, the Burkapal attack in April of 2017, in which we lost 24 CRPF soldiers lost their lives, and also the Dantewada attack in which around 76 CRPF personnel died.

As per the latest reports Hidma was planning to attract the security forces but from 15 days the force didn’t reach the spot, hence he was getting wretched. As per the statement of a cop “Hidma called over 300 armed personnel from the several parts of Baster and all of them huddled close to the encounter spot”. The other thing that makes everyone angry that the security forces soldiers were ambushed on Saturday. Madvi Hidma is having 25 Lakhs amount as prize but according to the sources no security agencies are having his recent photos so how can someone identify him. What do you think will he get nabbed or not. To get all the latest updates on world news stay tuned stay safe.

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