Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis, Age, Instagram!

The bassist of the Blink-183 band which is one of the most celebrated bands has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with cancer and the fans are pretty glad that his wife is with him in these times of desperation, the name of his wife is Skye Everly.

Skye Everly

Who is Skye Everly?

This has come as a shock for many of the fans as it has been revealed on 23rd June that the bassist is battling cancer and it is currently going through chemotherapy and the fans are pretty heartbroken after hearing the news and are showering him with so much love and support in these hard times as they have been at it on social media as everyone is wishing the artist a speedy recovery,

one of his fans tweeted that as he is praying to God stating that please let Mark live as he has a kid and a wife and they need the legend much more than he does as he ended by saying that he also needs him and this just shows that what an amazing fan base the band has managed to gain over the years and it seems like that he is going to be fine as so many of his fans are praying for him so let us hope for the best in these desperate times.

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the diagnosis was revealed by the artist on his Instagram page as he posted a story mentioning that all of this suck and he is pretty scared and he further stated that he also feels blessed at the same time as he has amazing doctors who are taking care of him and he has his family by his side which is providing with all the power in the world and he has also posted a picture in which it is pretty evident that he has an IV drip which is attached to one of his arms.

he is the resident of Beverly Hills in California where he is living with his son Jack Hoppus and his dear wife Skye Everly and he is known for being the bassist and the co-lead vocalist of the cult rock band Blind-182 which has been there for the longest time and they have managed to give so many memorable songs which are still being listened by the audiences as they are evergreen.

we hope that he recovers from cancer and we hope that the fans keep showering him with and keep showering him with prayers as that is going to provide him with a lot of strength to fight the battle with cancer.

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