Mumbai Saga is one of the most entertaining movies of the ongoing year, the movie is one of the movies released after the re-opening of theatres. The movie appreciated the positive response of the critics while it also claimed a favourable response from the audience either. The movie also fetched a decent box office collection with its spending performance, especially in Mumbai circuits. Well, there are several reasons behind the success of the movie along including the gripping story. But the impulsive performance of John as Amartya Rao and Emraan Hashmi as Inspector Vijay, both get under the skin of their characters.

Who Is Vijay Salaskar mumbai saga

As we all know that John Abraham is portraying the role of one of the dreaded gangster of the Mumbai underworld Amartya Rao. While Emraan Hashmi is representing the role of inspector Vijay Savarkar. Vijay Savarkar is one of the eminent Police Inspector and encounter Specialist in the Mumbai Police. He is considered as one of the renowned encounter specialists of that time. He alone claimed to kill around 75-80. Most of the gangster killed by Vijay belongs to the gruesome prominent Gang of Mumbai in the era of 80 and 90s. The gangster has also known as Daddy another furious rivalry of Dawood.

As far as we concern about the encounter of Amartya Rao, it is being said that the criminal has associated with Chota Rajan. DK Rao also injured in an encounter with Inspector Madula Lad also known as Lady Singham of the Mumbai Police Department. Later, another super cop of Mumbai Crime Branch D Sivanandan tried to thrash Rao in an encounter.  But even after hot by 7 bullets, Rao survived. Besides, a total of four gangsters had been killed in that encounter. As of now, Amartya is in jail and his enemies attempted much time in jail either. But DK still survived.

Based on true incidents, Mumbai Saga is narrating the story of turning the scenarios of Mumbai as the mills are getting replaced by malls and tall buildings. At that time Mumbai was being dominated by DK Rao, he is the unstoppable gangster of that time alleged for killing, kidnapping, ransom, kidnapping.

Emraan Hashmi shares that he was quite excited at the time when Sanjay narrates the role. Emraan first thought that it is a role of a gangster, but he was surprised when Sanjay discloses that you were going to play the role of a cop. Later, Emraan says that I am a gangster in uniform. Mumbai Saga released on 19th March 2021, currently available on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further information.

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