Who won Kingdom Legendary War 2021

The ultimate winner of the kingdom has been finally crowned as the show has come to an end and the legendary war 2021 has been crowned finally, the fans have been on their toes when it comes to appointing a winner which has happened after their months of anticipation, there was an intense finale that took place and the k-pop bands which left the competition are ATEEZ, BTOB, IKON, and SF9.

Kingdom Legendary War Winner 2021

Kingdom Legendary War Winner 2021 Ranking Results

The fans have been crazy about the different hits that have been part of the show and the hits include ‘at ease’ which was performed by IKON and also the song ‘kingdom come’ that has been sung by ‘the boyz’, and many of the people took Twitter by storm as they were commenting about the show and their predictions so as to who is going to win the show and it turned out to be amazingly successful as there were numerous comments about the show on Twitter, one of the fans of the k-pop wrote that the show has been rollercoaster of emotion as they have laughed, cried, smiled and have done whatnot and there was another user who tweeted that he can’t believe that kingdom is going to be on the show and it seems like he was pretty excited about the show.

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The concept of the show  demands that there should be only one winner and that is the reason that there has to someone who needs to come out on top and it seems like that all of the acts were pretty amazing but there can be only one winner and the voting criteria happened as one of the groups were decided as the winner as the fans vote for their favorite band in the Whosfan application so that they can rank one of the group as the winner of the show,

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The scores were calculated and it was decided that the winner of the show is the stray kids and the runner-up of the show is the boyz and the fans have been showering the ‘stray kids’ with all of the love and have been congratulating them since the announcement has happened.

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The result came out after the 3 rounds that happened and then it was decided by the votes and also the calculation of the scores and the show has been truly phenomenal in every sense as it has done wonders, it seems like that K pop is having so much exposure and the industry is on the boom and we are pretty sure that the industry is not going to slow down as the music is being loved globally and there is no stopping for them at this point in time.


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