Samar and Nandini have been surrounded by thugs and asks Nandini to hand over them the ring you will be wearing. But Nandini denies it and says that she won’t give them that ring. Samar asks her to get rid of them by giving them this ring. But Nandini again denies giving it, Samar says that it isn’t the real gold ring, I will you another one. Nandini says that she won’t give it as it a symbol of love for her. Kavya there is trying to get to know Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce date stealthily. She barges into their room through a ladder.

  Anupamaa Today's Written Episode Update 13th April 2021: Will Karan Win His BetBut Kavya fails at the same time Pakhi comes along with Kinjal. They both are talking to each other. Pakhi asks Kinjal to aid her as she wants to go to a friends party. But Kinjal denies her to help her in this and Pakhi fumes and leaves and just then inform her friend that she won’t come to the party. Her friend also suggests her to make some fake excuses of group studies and come over and thinks that no one will catch her.

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Samar and Nandini there are struggling in front of goons and they continuously misbehaving with them. Suddenly one of the goons abused Samar. Samar gets angry and beats the goons. But Goons controlled him, but Nandini also beats the goons as they touch Samar. But goon takes out the knife and about to harm Nandini but Samar holds him and beat them black and blue. All the goons fled from there.


Nandini reprimands Samar that he put his life at risk anything could have happened. She says that she bends over backwards for him and now doesn’t want to lose him at all. They both hugs each other. Pakhi there is planning to go for a party and make an excuse of group study in her room. While Kavya is waiting for just one mistake of Pakhi. Pakhi’s friends are waiting for her outside, she is stealthily going out of the house while Kavya makes her video.

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Kavya is all on its way for another nuisance. Pakhi reaches Karan’s house. Karan says that she is looking adorable. On another hand, Karan is up to execute his plan to kiss Pakhi and win the bet. Samar takes Nandini temple and the episode ends. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Anupamaa written episode update.

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