An extremely special occasion is around the corner for the Tamil population. Yes, the very anticipated “Tamil New Years” has arrived to bring a kind of happiness and enthusiasm to people’s lives. Zee Tamil has prepared a show on “Moi Virundhu” that will air on 14th April 2021 at 3 PM. The fans are excited to enjoy this already special auspicious occasion with their favourite celebrities on the television. Just like the craze to celebrate the new year is huge in people, the channel has organized a grand celebration to reach the expectations of the viewers.

moi virunthu

The channel even uploaded a glimpse of the programme on their Twitter handle. In that promo, a total of four beautiful ladies are seen decorating a Rangoli. They are indulged in designing the most attractive circular structure which justifies the occasion as well. Besides, one man is also seen occupied in the occasion’s related work. Basically, to make the Rangli, the girls took the batter of rice and using their own hands they spread the batter in a circular manner to form a beautiful design.

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The viewers will see how the design comes out at the mentioned time only. Speaking of Moi Virundhu a bit, it is a popular festival in Tamil Nadu. Its arrival means the arrival of the Tamil New Year and all the new beginnings that are waiting for everyone. The day has been celebrated for so many years where people organize a huge feast for someone who they want to help. Most of the times, it’s the own family members who arrange the feast.


Whereas, the friends also hold such kind of arrangements. Briefing it further, it is mainly a communal feast participated by any at one time. When someone decides to hod such functions, they send a proper invitation to the people who they want to see in there. Also, the host distributes the gifts to the invited people. Now, the people who attend the function also have to reciprocate the emotion.

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They have to make sure that they return the same price or amount of gift otherwise everyone just ends up making fun of them. So, to live peacefully in the community and maintain good relationships with the family, Moi Virundhu is celebrated. The people can enjoy the telecast of the special episode on Zee Tamil at 3 PM. For more updates on the New Year’s rituals, celebrations and history, stay tuned with us.



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