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Watch Dunali ULLU Web Series full episode Review, Plot, Actress Cast, Real Name!

During the lethal pandemic when all the theatres worldwide are shut and only the OTT Platform is the only medium for entertainment. The business of this platform on its rise and even many big filmmakers are investing their money in this new platform. Besides these other streaming platforms likes Kooku and Ullu website is the top choice of the viewers who loves to watch the bold and alluring content and even the series is also a massive hit amongst the fans. After watching this hit, the makers or the website are releasing back-to-back series and in this order, the site returns with a new web series titled “Dunali”.


Dunali ULLU Web Series

The name of the web series is quite fascinating and grabbing the attention of the viewers and forcing them to watch it. Even the story of the series is very much different from others web shows and no doubt the viewers will love the content. As this series is releasing on the Ullu site which means the viewers can expect several alluring and erotic scenes and even the story also revolves around it. Talking about the star cast of the series are given below:-

Dunali ULLU Web Series Cast

  • Palak Singh playing the role of a prostitute
  • Nehal Vadoliya
  • Naresh
  • Karan
  • Arjun
  • Sanjana

Dunali ULLU Web Series Review

The genre of the series is for +18, drama and romance and the story is very unique this time as the story revolves around a boy named Sameer. One day a prostitute comes to fulfill his physical desire but suddenly she runs away after watching something. Later on, she reveals that her client has two private parts. On the other side, where Sameer lives the owner of his house has some physical issues and due to this, he is not able to fulfill the physical desire of his wife.

Sameer’s friend who is also his roommate starts having a physical relationship with his landlady whereas Sameer decides to use his unique physical ability in order to earn money and fulfill the desires of his female clients. One day, his owner decides to cut off the one private part of Sameer in order to cure his own physical problem. The things change turn here on but what exactly has happened to know that, the viewers need to watch it.

Release Date And Streaming Platform

“Dunali” will be releasing on Tuesday, 13th July 2021 only on the Ullu site for the amusement of the audiences. As the viewers know that this site is a paid subscription site which means who is using this website for the first time needs to buy the subscription first.


The trailer of the series is already released on the Youtube channel with the caption ” Somebody’s style is different from the common people when a conspiracy will be revealed, a deep secret will be revealed “Dunali”. It received 2.6 Lakh views and 6.6k likes which means the fans are excited to watch it. So viewers watch this unique storyline and share your reviews with us.

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